Villa Reale, Monza


Monza (MB), Italy


Italiana Costruzioni, Malegori, Navarra Gestioni


with Studio Ferrari & Brocajoli


Technical and economic feasibility study, detailed and final proposals


Iconic Architecture

Villa Reale, Monza
Villa Reale, Monza

The restoration and enhancement of the central body and part of the north wing of the Villa Reale in Monza represent the first lot of works of a larger project which involved the entire historic-monumental complex and its gardens.
One of the main objectives was the need to combine the ancient historical and artistic qualities of the central body of the Villa with the redevelopment of the rooms on the ground floor, which will house the entrance and accreditation area of the museum located on the upper floors and the belvedere floor, the latter destined to a change of end use.

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The redevelopment project was a great opportunity to transform the central body into an extraordinary location for the organisation of important events thanks to its functional flexibility: high-profile institutional meetings will be held on the first floor, in the rooms to the north of the central hall and in the rooms on the second piano nobile; activities related to haute cuisine will be held in the multi-purpose rooms on the belvedere floor, which has a privileged view of the park and surrounding nature.


Project area:
Project date:
Intervention date:
€ 20.634.000


- Architectural Restoration

The restoration works on the second floor allowed for the reconstruction of the imperial rooms, the apartment of the Duchess of Genoa and the apartment of the Prince of Naples.
In addition to the extensive consolidation and restoration work, an important part of the work involved the implementation of the measures necessary to make the rooms and the building safe, as well as the improvement and refurbishment of the vertical connections between the floors in compliance with the laws.

Villa Reale, Monza