Spedali civili, Brescia


Brescia, Italy


Futura Srl for ASST Spedali Civili di Brescia


with Studio Fermi, Manens – Tifs, MSC Associati, Euro Home Consulting


Technical and economic feasibility study, detailed and final proposals


Energy efficiency

Preservation of characteristic features

Spedali civili di Brescia
Spedali civili di Brescia

The renovation work carried out at the Spedali Civili di Brescia, a reference point of excellence at a national level, is part of a complex and articulated contract award procedure involving the design and execution of the works as well as the multi-year management of the services under a project finance scheme.
The renovation and extension works involved several buildings and areas:
- central body of Pavilion A (in the area above the Galleria dei Quadri): upgrading and expansion of the spaces intended for obstetrics and gynaecology and the operating block of the paediatric department;
- Pavilion C: in addition to the necessary anti-seismic adaptations and specific upgrade of the toilet facilities, it underwent a complete reconfiguration and modernisation of the wards;
- the new dedicated area for services built in front of the so-called “Satellite”, which houses the radiology and neuroradiology operating units, the operating block with post-operative intensive care, the transfusion centre, the sterilisation station, the kitchen and the canteen;
- second floor of the forepart: renovation of the Coronary Intensive Care Unit.

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The new building, with seven above-ground storeys and one underground, occupies the area to the south of the satellite hospital and closes the inner courtyard with the church.
The individual functional areas were the subject of a twofold in-depth analysis. The first study aimed at understanding and optimising their internal functioning in terms of distribution layout and spatial relationships and connections between the individual units. The second study aimed at highlighting their system and the connections with the other buildings in the hospital complex.


Project area:
33,308 sqm (renovation) | 35,677 sqm (expansion)
Bed capacity:
Project date:
Date of construction:
€ 117.000.000


- Project Finance
- Renovation and expansion
- Complex phasing

The construction solution provides for a mesh of reinforced concrete pillars with a structural pattern of 10 by 7.2 metres, supplemented by anti-seismic piers. The long façades are punctuated by terracotta listels laid both vertically and horizontally, whose different colours (classic terracotta, dark terracotta and yellow) draw a sequence of half pilasters and backgrounds framing the windows. The façade also features external window frames made of light-coloured pre-painted aluminium.

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Both the extension and redevelopment works were organised following a complex phasing procedure which allowed all the works to be carried out guaranteeing the continuity of the healthcare service.

Spedali civili di Brescia