Social Housing, Basra


Basra, Iraq




with Proger, Dante O. Benini & Partners


Master plan


Sustainability and ecology

Social Housing, Basrah
Social Housing, Basrah

"Welfare home people project": this is the slogan promoting the construction of the "new town" designed in the territory of the Governorate of Basra to accommodate about 12,000 inhabitants in addition to housing a variety of services aimed at improving healthcare and well-being.
The concept for housing in Iraq – developed with the consultancy of architect Dante O. Benini – includes the implementation of four independent lots of works that will allow for the allocation of investments over time.

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A total of some 2,000 flats are planned, as well as a number of service facilities such as a clinical centre for training, prevention, screening and care; schools and kindergarten; security facilities; a number of sports fields; places of worship and commercial areas.


Project area:
230.000 sqm
Project date:
Date of construction:
€ 300.000.000


- Housing

The project master plan combines into a unified organic design the volumes of the towers rising up to 12 storeys above ground with the low buildings up to 5 storeys high and the clusters of the so-called villages – areas with a mainly residential character.
The residential lots are defined and delimited by large areas of private, equipped green spaces. The layout of the road network draws precise hierarchies and green public spaces are arranged around it.

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Due to the climatic emergency and the particular geographic location, which increasingly demand appropriate strategies to reduce water consumption, we have opted for solutions which allow for the complete reuse of the waste water. Every drop of water is collected and utilised using on-site wells, collecting rainwater and reusing purified water.

Social Housing, Basrah