Policlinico di Monza (expansion)


Monza, Italy


Policlinico di Monza SpA




Technical and economic feasibility study, detailed and final proposals, safety coordination in the design phase, safety coordination in the execution phase


Friendly environment

Sustainability and ecology

Policlinico di Monza (ampliamento), Monza
Policlinico di Monza (ampliamento), Monza

The expansion of the Policlinico di Monza fits into a particularly delicate context characterised by a landscape of historical and agrarian interest, even though showing great heterogeneity from the architectural and material point of view.
The landscape analyses guided the design choices, generating a layout of the paths and green elements according to Cartesian axes.
The architectural idea arose from the search for a mediation between the desire to fit the new complex into a peculiar heterogeneous context and the objective of providing an effective response to the scientific requirements of the healthcare project.

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From a typological point of view, the architectural concept is composed of three bodies: the two main ones are organised around green patios and are joined by a gallery serving as a central atrium, while the third one is inserted between the existing Faggi pavilion and one of the two new volumes.
The extension accommodates the functional areas, organising them according to a departmental logic. This has allowed for the separation of flows: the emergency-urgency one, those for external patients and those for internal patients. Body A (with a square plan) houses – on different levels – the large CUP (i.e. Unified Booking Centre) area, the outpatient clinic, sports medicine and the oncology day hospital. Body B (with a rectangular plan) houses the emergency room, the physiotherapy area, the intensive care unit, the operating block and the inpatient units. Body C connects the new complex to the existing Faggi pavilion and houses a gym and the doctors’ offices.


Project area:
44.000 sqm
Bed capacity:
Project date:
Date of construction:
€ 55.000.000


- Expansion
- Redevelopment and change of end use

The spaces facing the patios guarantee natural illumination in the waiting areas on all floors, while on the ground floor users will also enjoy the outdoor green areas and seating.
The gallery on the ground floor is the connecting element between the two main bodies of the new building and, at the same time, the place designated to house reception activities such as waiting areas, kiosks selling flowers, books, newspapers, confectionery and gifts, and the cafeteria with tables and seating.

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On the façades, the use of materials and colours already partly present in the context, shows the precise desire to harmoniously integrate the volumes into the pre-existing urban fabric.
The colours draw fronts which are simple in composition and reading: the cladding band characterises the roofing of the buildings and their attachment to the ground, giving a solid appearance to the building and, consequently, conveying an idea of functional solidity proper to a place destined to receive critical patients.

Policlinico di Monza (ampliamento), Monza