Ospedale di Vimercate


Vimercate (MB), Italy


A.O. Vimercate


with Mario Botta Architetti, NFHP, Studio Redaelli Associati


Technical and economic feasibility study


Energy efficiency

Friendly environment

Sustainability and ecology

Ospedale di Vimercate, Vimercate
Ospedale di Vimercate, Vimercate

Ospedale di Vimercate is an important reference point for healthcare in Lombardy as it was one of the forerunners of a new “season” placing patients at the centre of hospital design, promoting the transformation of healthcare environments into healing environments.
The complex is located in an area of urban expansion to the south of the ideal line joining the historic centres of Vimercate and Oreno. It was designed by architect Mario Botta, who wanted to combine architecture and functionality in a constructive dialogue in which the two aspects could complement, integrate and enhance each other.

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The architectural layout confirms a very precise choice of horizontal construction, flexible to the necessary transformations over time, based on an extremely clear system of relations defined by the organisation of volumes in three sectors: reception, diagnosis and therapy, and inpatient units.
Within these three macro-areas, the emergency room, the morgue and the technology centre were built in positions able to provide, at the same time, for dedicated access and routes and efficient connections to the other functions and services.


Project area:
115.590 sqm
Bed capacity:
Project date:
Date of construction:
€ 143.000.000


- Healing environment
- Dialogue between architecture and functionality
- Dialogue with nature

The reception area is located inside the parallelepiped volume with a north-south orientation built in the area closest to the urban fabric, thus ensuring easier access to the most commonly used services.
In order to guarantee the necessary connections with all the functions, the large rectangular body for diagnosis and therapy – also oriented along a north-south axis – is located in a central position between the first block and the "petals" of the inpatient units. The latter, characterised by the particular planimetric layout featuring a free geometric shape, are completely immersed in the park and allow all the rooms to enjoy natural light as well as a pleasant view of the greenery through the large internal patios.

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The functional connections between the three sectors were carefully designed to maximise safety and operational efficiency, reducing the need to use lifts as much as possible.
As one moves from the public area towards the more private area of the inpatient units, the buildings become less compact, with increasingly softer and less orthogonal lines. The pattern of the green areas breaks up at the “petals”, leaving space for a portion of “urban forest” with an irregular, natural layout. As a result, the design of the green areas supports and dialogues with the building itself.

Ospedale di Vimercate, Vimercate