Nuovo Ospedale Tiburtino


Tivoli (Rome), Italy


Regione Lazio | ASL Roma 5


with Proger, Manens-Tifs, Steam, SIM Fiuggi, SuisseMed


Technical and economic feasibility study, detailed and final proposals


Energy efficiency

Sustainability and ecology


Nuovo ospedale Tiburtino, Tivoli
Nuovo ospedale Tiburtino, Tivoli

The Nuovo Ospedale Tiburtino occupies a sparsely urbanised area in the south-west of the municipality of Tivoli.
The project intends to attain the regional planning objectives of building a modern hospital characterised by high structural and technological standards, resilience and flexibility without neglecting energy sustainability, comfort and environmental well-being.
The model adopted is that of a healthcare facility for acute cases featuring high technology and high multi-specialist care, offering integrated diagnosis and treatment processes, with an outstanding level of quality, welcoming to citizens and able to work in synergy with other structures and medical and healthcare professionals in the area.

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The concept clearly shows the project intention to include the green countryside – which represents the characteristic element of the area – in the planimetric design of the hospital structure: the natural landscape is thus brought inside the built volume.
This approach allows the complex to avoid the typical appearance of a huge mass with a strong impact on the territory; quite the opposite, it becomes an organism perfectly integrated into its surroundings, immersed in the rural context thanks to its sinuous lines, and with a strong link of continuity with the vegetal element reinforced by the presence of therapeutic rooftop gardens.


Project area:
Total: 87,000 sqm - Hospital: 50,000 sqm
Bed capacity:
Project date:
2022 - Ongoing
Date of construction:
€ 116.330.000


- Integration into the surrounding natural environment
- Energy efficiency
- Lean organisation

The orientation of the Nuovo Ospedale Tiburtino follows the same principles, paying special attention to environmental sustainability and the performance of the building envelope by optimising the sun exposure of the façades. Besides, every single room enjoys the view of the countryside and the Monti Tiburtini, a chain of low mountains, on the horizon.

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From the energy point of view, the implementation of the most advanced technologies and efficiency strategies through the use of renewable sources, the rational use of traditional sources, and the construction of a trigeneration plant for the combined production of electrical, thermal and cooling energy, will guarantee the achievement of the NZEB (Nearly Zero-Energy Building) energy efficiency class.
The modern automatic heavy transport system and the pneumatic mail system will ensure the scheduled distribution of materials (clean, dirty and sterile equipment, other supplies, meals, test tubes, etc.) pursuing the objective of logistic efficiency and lean organisation.

Nuovo ospedale Tiburtino, Tivoli