New Ospedale del Sud Salento


Melpignano-Maglie (Lecce), Italy


Regione Puglia | ASL Lecce


with Proger, LAND, Magnanimo Architetti Associati, Mirizzi Architetti Associati, Dr. Maurizio Mauri (healthcare consultant)


Detailed proposals, supervision of works, safety coordination in the execution phase


Progetto di fattibilità tecnico-economica:
Mario Cucinella Architects, AICOM S.p.A., RINA Consulting S.p.A, GAe Engineering S.r.l.


Friendly environment

Sustainability and ecology

Nuovo ospedale del Sud Salento
Nuovo ospedale del Sud Salento

The new Ospedale del Sud Salento is a structure which is completely permeable to the territory. Its green areas constitute the necessary support to the primary functions of the hospital but they are also places open to the community. The integration into the landscape is the characterising element of the project from which the particular connection between the physical form of the place and its social, economic and cultural context originates.
Nature becomes a central element because of its role in generating vital resources and guaranteeing global stability and sustainability: the use of nature-based solutions makes it possible to implement important microclimate regulation functions both inside and outside the buildings, as well as barrier systems against noise and air pollution.

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Biophilic design concepts aimed at improving the wellbeing of citizens have been applied to the interior spaces not only through the design of green areas and installations, but also through the extreme permeability of the patios, which allows patients and visitors to enjoy them.
Particular attention has also been paid to the issue of climate change through the conscious use of all the ecosystem components (soil, air, water, vegetation) and indigenous species with a high CO2 absorption capacity, non-allergenic and able to contribute effectively to reducing the ‘heat island’ effect through shading.


Project area:
58.000 sqm
Bed capacity:
Project date:
2022 - Ongoing
Date of construction:
€ 106.950.000


- Biophilia and integration into the surrounding natural environment
- Sustainability
- Lean organisation

The ground floor, with a predominantly public end use, is designed to convey pleasant sensations to users (patients, healthcare personnel and visitors) as they enter the healthcare facility: the entire pathway, completely open to greenery (on the side of the main façade as well as towards the internal courtyards) and naturally lit, conveys a sensation of psychological well-being to both patients and healthcare personnel thanks to the connection with nature.
The quality of the interior spaces, achieved also thanks to a combined study of lighting, materials and colours, will be enhanced by the use of sound diffusion and entertainment systems, especially in the waiting, resting and reception areas.

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From a functional point of view, the routes of the day hospital have been completely differentiated from those of the inpatient hospital and optimised in order to avoid any contact between the flows of inpatients and outpatients, thus protecting privacy and making processes more efficient.
Following a logic of lean organisation, full functional and spatial integration of all daytime functions (pre-admission, sample collection centre, outpatient clinic, dialysis, transfusion centre and endoscopy) has been planned. Access to the different areas has been made easier by means of dedicated entrances and pathways.
The integrated and harmonious approach will be ensured through the use of the LEED v4 international protocol for the coordination of structural, system and construction modifications to the project.

Nuovo ospedale del Sud Salento