New Meditel Centre, Saronno


Saronno (Varese), Italy


Gruppo Meditel


with BPC - Building Power Consulting


Technical and economic feasibility study, detailed and final proposals


Friendly environment

Iconic Architecture

Nuovo Centro Meditel, Saronno
Nuovo Centro Meditel, Saronno

The design choices that inspired the concept for the new Meditel clinical centre in Saronno aimed to enhance the ability of the structure to adapt to the evolution of medical, technological and management sciences through modularity, which allows for the functional transformability of spaces.
Several strategies were implemented to ensure the necessary resilience and rapid technological convertibility required by a state-of-the-art healthcare building: the choice of a structural grid based on high dimensional standards referring to the best benchmarks and on floor to floor heights suitable to allow flexibility for the systems (4.2 metres); the adoption of a "five-section" layout able to guarantee maximum quality in the arrangement of the clinical functions in addition to the operational efficiency resulting from the extreme compactness; the evaluation of the appropriate load-bearing capacity of the floors in order to allow ample flexibility in the location of heavy systems; the location of the vertical connections between the floors in a position that never interferes with the perimeters of the functional areas; the dimensional redundancy of the dedicated spaces for the technological stations and system routes in order to guarantee easy implementation of new functions over time.


Project area:
16.000 sqm
Bed capacity:
Project date:
Date of construction:
€ 20.300.000


- Iconic building
- High quality of the spaces
- Flexibility

From the outside, the body of the building is characterised by its iconic value with the aim of being a clearly recognisable point of reference in the city of Saronno.
The fronts are characterised by vertical elements that rhythmically punctuate the glass curtain wall. The latter provides maximum natural illumination of the interiors and a view of the green spaces. A sort of “giant order” supports the organically shaped roof which, with an effect of lightness and suspension, stands on top of the underlying volume housing the healthcare activities. The large entrance hall faces the future urban park, welcoming users and directing them to the different areas and floors. All the spaces were designed to guarantee a high level of comfort for patients and staff through a simple but elegant balance of materials, furnishings and colours.

Nuovo Centro Meditel, Saronno