New Hospital Of Siracusa


Siracusa, Italy


Extraordinary Commissioner for the Design and Implementation of the New Hospital Complex in the City of Siracusa


with Proger, Manens


Final Design, Executive Design


Energy efficiency


Sustainability and Ecology

The New Hospital of Siracusa will be located in an area within the locality of "Tremila," near the Siracusa-Catania Highway. The site, covering approximately 175,000 square meters, will not only host the hospital building but also an underground multi-level parking, logistics center, technological hub, helipad, and an ecological area.
The healthcare facility, designed according to an organizational model based on an increasing level of care intensity, follows a simple and linear layout organized into distinct blocks connected by healthcare, public, and logistical pathways. Two main distribution axes govern the entire circulation within the hospital: the "Green Path" for external patients and visitors, and the "Red Path" reserved for internal healthcare flows and patients.


Project area:
65.112 sqm
Bed capacity:
Project date:
2023 – ongoing
Date of construction:
€ 258.521.979,42


Technical-economic feasibility project: Studio Plicchi, Rafael De La-Hoz Arquitectos, Milan Ingegneria S.p.A, Areatecnica S.r.l., Sering Ingegneria S.r.l.

The hospital presents an image of a harmonious and easily understandable system, with a particular focus on the quality of reception and the enhancement of efficiency. The volumes housing different functional areas create large internal courtyards and are characterized by a differentiated vertical development that not only adds dynamism to the geometries but also makes the intended uses easily recognizable from the outside.
The design choices aimed at developing solutions with a low environmental impact and high energy efficiency, including the use of renewable sources, the application of materials and techniques for climatic balance, adherence to principles and techniques for hydraulic invariance, and the positioning of green areas with a mitigating climate and landscape function.