New hospital in Busto-Gallarate


Busto – Gallarate (Varese), Italy


Regione Lombardia | ASST Valle Olona


with LAND, MIC-HUB, Aicom, BEMaa, 4CE, Raffaele Conti (engineer)


Metadesign, Technical and economic feasibility study


Energy efficiency

Friendly environment

Sustainability and ecology

Nuovo ospedale di Busto-Gallarate
Nuovo ospedale di Busto-Gallarate

High infrastructural accessibility and significant landscape sensitivity are the distinguishing features of the area on which the new Busto-Gallarate hospital will be built.
In fact, the building will be located along a corridor of the regional ecological network next to the Parco del fiume Ticino (Ticino River Park), characterised by the presence of extensive wooded areas and a listed building of historical and architectural interest protected by the law (Decreto legislativo 42/2004).
The respectful approach to the context, aimed at promoting ecological continuity with the surrounding landscape, is an essential aspect of the project which confirms the recognition of the importance of green spaces overlooking the landscape as key elements in fostering the process of improving the psycho-physical well-being of the users (patients, staff, visitors). The same approach also acknowledges the importance of a conscious use of all the ecosystem components: soil, water, air and vegetation.

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The concept is characterised by its extreme permeability to the territory. At the same time, it reflects an organisational model based on intensity of care and technological complexity, which resulted in its structuring into 7 main clusters: hospital reception and services; day hospital; emergency-urgency system; high care system; hospitalisation system; paediatric, maternal and infant system; integrated diagnostic and therapeutic technology system.


Project area:
130.000 sqm
Bed capacity:
Project date:
2022 – Ongoing
Date of construction:


- High accessibility
- Integration into the landscape
- Energy efficiency

The design of the new hospital pays particular attention to quality and safety, without neglecting all those expedients aimed at guaranteeing maximum organisational and functional flexibility thanks to the adoption of a homogeneous and continuous structural grid, the total and widespread coplanarity of the various levels, the substantial floor to floor heights (even within the limited overall height of the buildings), and the adoption of “five-section areas” extended to both the inpatient areas and the diagnostic and therapeutic activities.
In order to promote environmental and energy sustainability, the use of renewable sources and geothermal sources with a low environmental impact has been planned, as well as the construction of a self-production plant with trigeneration, and the installation of BMS-type systems for real-time management of the performance of the various systems installed.

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In order to streamline logistical processes, a pneumatic mail system was integrated into the facility for the rapid transfer of test tubes, medical records, medicines, plasma and documents between the different operational areas, as well as a heavy AGV-type transport system for handling linen, sterile equipment, food, and waste disposal.

Nuovo ospedale di Busto-Gallarate