New Heart Center, Tripoli


Tripoli, Lybia






Technical and economic feasibility study, detailed and final proposals


High complexity

Preservation of characteristic features

New Heart Center, Tripoli
New Heart Center, Tripoli

The hospital complex is located in the southern part of Tripoli in a large 5-hectare area for which, prior to the events following the civil conflict in 2011, a major expansion with new residential and tertiary sector complexes had been planned.
The new Heart Center is to be built in this area, located in a barycentric position between the city centre and the airport and directly connected to the Airport Highway. The building has a total of five floors, two of which are underground. The ground floor will house the outpatient clinic and the administrative functions. The first floor, designed for high-care, includes the operating block, the haemodynamics and electrophysiology laboratory, the adult and paediatric postoperative intensive care unit, the coronary care unit and, in the two buildings behind it, the cardiac surgery inpatient ward.

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The second floor houses the cardiology rehabilitation service and the physiotherapy area in the main body, while the two wings organised in a five-section area house the inpatient cardiology wards. The underground levels house healthcare and general services which are not meant to be attended by patients and visitors, as well as systems and logistical services.
The functional model guiding the project was developed in compliance with internationally recognised guidelines widely used in the design of modern hospitals in Western countries, particularly in the EU area.


Project area:
22.300 sqm
Bed capacity:
Project date:
Date of construction:
€ 70.000.000


- Specialist hospital

Particular attention was paid in order to attain the following objectives:
- correct movement of personnel, patients (inpatients and outpatients) and logistics (dirty and clean equipment);
- adequate spaces for each function and easily identifiable pathways, especially in critical areas;
- maximum flexibility thanks to the appropriately sized layout, the oversizing of structural overloads, and the substantial floor to floor heights;
- absence of structural elements and systems placed in critical areas;
- general use of "dry" building techniques.
In terms of colours and compositions, the building recalls Libyan architecture in order to integrate harmoniously into the context.

New Heart Center, Tripoli