Korle-Bu Maternity Hospital, Accra


Accra, Ghana


Consulit s.r.l., de Eccher Group




Technical and economic feasibility study, detailed and final proposals


Friendly environment

International Standards

Korle-Bu Maternity Hospital, Accra
Korle-Bu Maternity Hospital, Accra

The Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital (KBTH) is a public teaching hospital affiliated to the medical school of the University of Ghana. It includes three centres of excellence: the National Cardiothoracic Centre, the National Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Centre and the Radiotherapy Centre.
The construction of a modern dedicated building for maternal and child care represents a very important opportunity for the Ghanaian healthcare system as it will make it possible to deliver high quality health services to a significant number of citizens.

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From the initial phases of the concept , the project made reference to the latest international standards in order to ensure high performance in terms of structural, technological, functional and organisational requirements.
As specifically requested by the Client, the architectural layout is characterised by extreme flexibility and adaptability in relation to developments in the medical-scientific field as well as maximum compactness with the aim of reducing land consumption as much as possible. The result is a predominantly vertical building with 11 floors above ground and one basement, designed to accommodate all the services pertaining to the maternal-infant and gynaecological areas.


Project area:
19.000 sqm
Bed capacity:
Project date:
2020 - Ongoing
Date of construction:
€ 90.000.000


- University Hospital and Centre of Excellence
- High comfort and aesthetic quality
- Flexibility

The basement level houses the neonatology and gynaecology outpatient clinics, the laboratory, the canteen and the logistical services. The ground floor houses the obstetrics-gynaecology emergency department, the general outpatient clinics, the obstetrical assessment unit, the prenatal examination rooms and the pharmacy. The first, second and third floors house the labour and delivery area, the recovery unit, the Caesarean section and intensive care units, the gynaecological operating theatres and the in-vitro fertilisation area. The inpatient units occupy part of the fifth floor (the remaining part is for the administrative department) and the upper floors up to the eighth. The tenth floor houses the obstetric inpatient areas with single rooms (VVIP), the doctors' offices and the technical area.

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The internal patios on the lower levels provide natural illumination and ventilation for the rooms located in a barycentric position, which would otherwise be completely blind.
The open view towards the outdoor garden and the semi-public green spaces of the courtyards will create a close link between the natural environment and the hospital spaces, contributing to the patients’ sense of well-being.

Korle-Bu Maternity Hospital, Accra