Infectious Diseases Ward, IRCCS San Matteo, Pavia


Pavia, Italy




with Proger


Technical and economic feasibility study, detailed and final proposals, safety coordination in the design phase, supervision of works, safety coordination in the execution phase


High complexity

High-level biocontainment

Reparto pazienti infettivi IRCCS San Matteo, Pavia
Reparto pazienti infettivi IRCCS San Matteo, Pavia

The creation of a high-level isolation unit is part of the upgrading project for Policlinico IRCCS San Matteo in Pavia. The project is aimed at creating a facility of national excellence in the management of prolonged hospitalisation of patients suffering from serious, highly infectious diseases, guaranteeing the highest levels of biological safety.
The main objective is to provide the best medical care for patients suffering from highly infectious diseases and, at the same time, protect healthcare workers, the other patients and the community at large from the risk of infection.

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The project involves the renovation of the third floor of the infectious diseases building, located to the north-west of the hospital complex. This is the area where the most recent buildings are concentrated: the DEA (emergency and reception department) pavilion, most of the clinics and services, and the main access (both for pedestrians and vehicles) accessible from the ring road adjacent to the hospital.


Project area:
2.350 sqm
Bed capacity:
Project date:
2020 – Ongoing
Date of construction:
€ 3.500.000


- High-level biocontainment

The distribution layout of the high-level biocontainment unit was designed to meet the rigorous procedures requiring strict separation of clean and dirty flows, both for personnel and equipment.
The protected reception of highly infectious patients arriving mainly by ambulance is ensured thanks to the construction of the new external volume housing the new “camera calda” (a heated area where ambulances stop and patients are transferred into the facility) and other support rooms. The new volume is directly connected to a dedicated bed lift.

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The high-level Isolation Unit was also equipped with additional structural technological isolation features such as negative pressure conditions, minimum 12 air changes per hour, the emission of air directly to the outside of the building or the filtration of the outgoing air through high-efficiency filters.

Reparto pazienti infettivi IRCCS San Matteo, Pavia