Infectious Diseases Emergency Department, Ospedale Sacco, Milan


Milan, Italy




with Proger


Technical and economic feasibility study, detailed and final proposals, safety coordination in the design phase, supervision of works, safety coordination in the execution phase


High complexity

High-level biocontainment

Pronto soccorso infettivologico Ospedale Sacco, Milano
Pronto soccorso infettivologico Ospedale Sacco, Milano

The health emergency caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has imposed the need to identify hub hospitals highly specialised in the management of epidemic and pandemic infectious emergencies.
This is the background to the project for a new infectious diseases emergency department at Ospedale Luigi Sacco in Milan. The project aims to create a facility of national excellence in the treatment of patients suffering from serious, highly infectious diseases, guaranteeing the highest levels of biological safety.

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The construction of a high-level isolation unit has been planned in order to provide the best medical care for patients suffering from highly contagious diseases and, at the same time,
protect healthcare workers, the other patients and the community at large from the risk of infection.
The project includes the construction of a new building with three storeys (one of which is underground) that will be built in continuity with an existing pavilion, in an optimal location alongside the existing general emergency department.


Project area:
2.000 sqm
Bed capacity:
Project date:
2020 – Ongoing
Date of construction:
€ 4.500.000


- High-level biocontainment

The new building is functionally divided into four areas: patient reception, with a dedicated “camera calda” (a heated area where ambulances stop and patients are transferred into the facility) and waiting room; triage, with examination rooms equipped with filters, changing rooms and sanitization with BSL 3 and BSL 4 safety levels, and a short-term observation room; isolation sub-intensive wards with isolated rooms equipped with filters and dedicated bathroom; open sub-intensive observation room which can be connected to the reception ward of the general emergency room, if necessary.

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The building will have a reinforced concrete load-bearing structure (beams and pillars), floors in brick and concrete and brickwork perimeter cavity walls with an external composite panel finish. The renovation of the existing entrance to the emergency department will make it possible to create a pre-triage filter area for directing patients either to the infectious diseases unit or the general unit.

Pronto soccorso infettivologico Ospedale Sacco, Milano