Emergency Hospital, Astana


Astana, Kazakhstan


Mabetex Group - Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan


Manens–Tifs, Studio Architetti Mar


Technical and economic feasibility study, detailed and final proposals


Friendly environment

International Standards

Emergency Hospital, Astana
Emergency Hospital, Astana

The new hospital will be located in an area free of buildings on the south-western outskirts of the city, approximately 8 km away from the international airport.
The healthcare facility, the main point of reference for emergency management in the city of Astana and the entire Republic of Kazakhstan, has been designed with the necessary flexibility and resilience, which will make it possible to rapidly convert the structure into an infectious disease hospital in the event of a critical pandemic picture.

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The distribution-functional layout, organised into 6 main blocks and 5 levels, immediately shows two fundamental characteristics. The first one is the priority given to the identification and separation of the flows for the different categories of users; the second one is the coplanar arrangement of the complementary functional areas in order to guarantee maximum efficiency in diagnosis and treatment. The aim is to support the coordinated work of the multidisciplinary team by reducing internal transfers of critical patients. In order to apply this principle effectively, a dedicated operating theatre was designed for the emergency-urgency area (located in the north-west block). Moreover, the latter has been placed next to the intensive care unit and the diagnostic imaging department: this solution has made it possible to ensure maximum compactness and synergy between patients’ admission, stabilisation, diagnosis, treatment and intensive dynamic observation.


Project area:
48.835 sqm
Bed capacity:
Project date:
2021 - Ongoing
Date of construction:
€ 150.000.000


- Maximum compactness and synergy between areas
- Organisation based on homogeneous areas
- High comfort and aesthetic quality

The organisational project reflects the need to hospitalise the patient within an hour of the trauma (golden hour) so as to ensure an increased probability of survival thanks to the activation of timely, simultaneous diagnostic and therapeutic procedures by the integrated multidisciplinary team (trauma team).
The same logic was applied to the obstetric emergency area, which was designed next to the delivery/birth block, the neonatal intensive and sub-intensive care units and the inpatient areas. The operational area occupies the first level of the north-west block and includes invasive surgery, diagnostic procedures and treatments carried out under anaesthesia and sedation. Next to it are the intensive care and high-intensity inpatient units.

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The inpatient units have been concentrated in the three sections to the south, mainly on the upper floors in order to guarantee the necessary privacy and separation from the flow of external patients.
The new Emergency Hospital in Astana will stand out not only as a facility in line with the most advanced international standards and at the forefront of medical-scientific efficiency, but also for its cosy architectural solutions and the attention paid to the design of comfortable interiors and attractive outdoor spaces.

Emergency Hospital, Astana