Ebola Emergency Clinics, Nigeria




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Cliniche Emergenza Ebola, Nigeria
Cliniche Emergenza Ebola, Nigeria

The emergency resulting from the Ebola virus epidemic which broke out in West Africa in 2014 gave rise to the need for ENI to reorganise and implement the healthcare network at the NAOC Sites, starting the “Clinic & kitchen revamping in Nigeria” project.
One of the first steps of this initiative was the elaboration of a real master plan following several missions carried out on site. The latter led to a proposal for an organisational revision with the aim of redesigning a new network of relations between the existing healthcare structures and those to be implemented through a hierarchical definition of the elements of the network itself and the identification of the different types of structures (hub, major and minor clinic, city clinic, sick bay).


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- High-level biocontainment

The collaboration with the medical and nursing staff of Ospedale Luigi Sacco in Milan – an advanced centre of reference for the management of biological risk coming from cases of infection which could represent a serious threat for the community – was particularly important both in analysing the impact of the emergency on the existing facilities and in defining the appropriate clinical protocols the local staff would adopt to assist the patients.
The work of the multidisciplinary team set up for this purpose made it possible to work out the structural, technological and medical requirements necessary to devise 'model' technical-operational solutions which, in turn, would allow the programme of interventions in the area to be rapidly launched.

Cliniche Emergenza Ebola, Nigeria